ISSN NO 2231-6876
Sun, 24 Sep 2017


Yuvraj G. Jadhav, Upendra C. Galgatte*, Pravin D. Chaudhari

*P. E. Society’s Modern College of Pharmacy, Nigdi, Pune – 411 044, Maharashtra, India


A number of pharmaceutical dosage forms are available in the market. But, every dosage form has shown some drawbacks like chocking problem of tablets and painful parenteral dosage forms. Fast dissolving oral film has many advantages related to disintegration, dissolution and bioavailability over these existing dosage forms. In addition to this, film avoids first pass metabolism due to pre-gastric absorption and fast onset of action. As these are light in weight, transportation and handling is easy. Patient compliance is high in all age groups patients especially paediatrics and geriatrics. But, this film dosage form has come across some obstacles during its formulation and development. So, there is need to address such challenges which may help in future to explore the particular area in research and that may help in overall formulation and development and large scale manufacturing. These challenges are directly related to patient compliance. These include insolubility of drug, taste masking of bitter and obnoxious drug, reduction in drying time of film, high dose incorporation, co-administration of drugs, stability against temperature and humidity, dose uniformity and need of special packaging. Hence, preference should be given to them in formulation and development. The present review describes challenges as well as possible solutions to overcome them for formulation and development of fast dissolving oral film.

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